What is blvd IQ?

In a professional environment, there appears to be a need to address gaps in education, generations and industry acceptances; an opportunity to polish our professionals for advancement in the workplace and bring employees to the minimum of what organizations expect. This product will exceed what organizations expect as it:

  • Provides a shortcut to “career accelerating techniques” which take years to develop
  • Demonstrates mannerism’s far beyond one’s degree and work experience
  • Becomes an important puzzle piece of succession in navigating a diverse playing field

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Logistics Quarterly magazine

Professional etiquette seems to be a topic difficult for manager’s to address, except through professional communications training, and can be acknowledged as an HR sensitive issue. Coaching for advanced acceptance and developing individual credibility within professional environments appears somewhat limited. How does a company address:

  • Employees with high levels of knowledge, hindered by lack of social business etiquette
  • Employees knowing the “right” thing to do, however, do not make decisions due to management or process
  • Employees abiding by the dress codes, however, screaming a whole other message through appearance
People which are influencing the bottom line; those with potential to lead

  • Adult University System; Higher Learning Commission with 1334 registrants
  • Junior Colleges and Women’s Rehabilitation Programs
  • Business Resource Groups (i.e., Professional Leadership Programs)
  • Emerging Growth Companies and Fortune 500 Companies
  • Women are outpacing men in collegiate enrollment levels; by 2019, the National Center for Education Statistics projects there will be three female students for every male.
  • According to recently published study by the Harvard University Program on Education Policy and Governance states the US ranked is considered “average” or “middle” in education and professionalism within a global business environment. A strong contributor is our on-line technology approach to obtaining degrees.

blvd IQ is a registered trademark.